Dr. Hanno Verbier was born in Berlin, Germany and moved to the City of Cologne at the age of 4. After graduating primary school and high school, he began studying and living in the beautiful southcity of Cologne.

Since his 38th birthday he runs a prospering praxis of his own in that very same picturesque part of Cologne.

These academic studies as well as further international professional education have built a solid base for Dr. Hanno Verbier's client-centered and confrontational therapy methods. Intuitive & personal relationship between therapeut and patient are a must for Mr. Hanno Verbier and he clearly does not believe in workinherent conflictprevention of any kind. "The metamorphosis of lifeform into positivity" is the constant aim of his genuinely profound work on and within psychotherapy.

"I, Dr. Hanno Verbier, am proud to announce one of the greatest innovations in modern psychotherapy. Evolved out of my very own academical hotbed, the Exposition Measure after Verbier will take psychotherapy the significant step further into our century."
(Dr. Hanno Verbier)


"The Exposition Measure after Verbier is the first method of modern psychotherapy to perceive the inconceivable possibilities of our times. The internet WWW withholds the unique opportunity to help the human being itself. Human beings like me and you." (Dr. Hanno Verbier)